Life Coaching

Turn your Goals into Reality

Whatever your dreams and ambitions, Life Coaching gets you going in the right direction and provides a pathway to success.

Sonia Richards BSc(Hons), MSc

Association for Coaching Approved Certificate


Life has become ever more complicated, as the world around us changes so rapidly. It seems that much of the time we are in an endless race, running to stand still, as today’s new technology is tomorrow’s scrapheap.

What is Coaching?

One of the best ways to describe coaching is that it helps a person in the present to open up possibilities for the future and enables them to take those first steps forward.

How does Coaching work?

There are many models and tools that are used in coaching. These may fit some people some of the time but not everyone all of the time, however they can be a great platform to begin with. Motivation is often one of the key areas that people are seeking in order to improve their lives now and their prospects for the future. But how do we inspire and instill that motivation in ourselves and how to we maintain it if life throws us a curve ball that may makes us want or need to pause what we are doing?

That is where coaching can really help. It provides ways for a person to find the positive path forward and yet feel good about where they are now. I like to say that in order to build a house we need strong foundations, building without that is like building a house of cards. One knock an it all comes tumbling down.

Coaching helps you to build those strong foundations and to plan your way forward a step at a time. Small steps are always less daunting than huge leaps although a huge leap can also be exhilarating! You will know when the time is right to take that huge leap and you will have the resources and skills to make both.

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future?” 

― Deepak Chopra

How do I work with Coaching?

As with all of the work I do coaching, will be tailored to the individual. We may use some tools that you may have come across in your working life but they will be calibrated to your map of the world. NLP is a big key player in effective coaching, looking at how you currently see, hear and experience the world, what filters you may have in place and how we can remove any obstacles that may be holding back your forward progress.

On occasion the session may involve a more therapeutic approach using Integral Eye Movement Technique, Hypnotherapy or Thought Field Therapy if appropriate. I may even suggest a Complementary Therapy such as Reflexology or Aromatherapy if it fits with the way forward, so sessions are never dull and may well change and be challenging.

Getting you thinking outside of the box or changing the terrain of your map can be tough at times but ultimately rewarding when you have achieved what it is you have set out to do. As a Coach it is my role to help you open up your resources, explore new skills, facilitate your planning and support you each step or huge leap of the way.